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Distracted Doctoring is your website – your place to vent about whatever inspires or frustrates you about the medical industry.  We are looking for member driven content about the things you care about.

Have a book that you recently read that would be helpful to your colleagues stewing about life and work? – Write a book review.  If you found an amazing vacation deal with sunny beaches and unlimited drinks, please tell us all about it, unless you hate the people you work with, then by all means post a vacation deal to Siberia. Absolutely anything and everything that you think would be helpful, from the latest meditation app to a dog walking service, we want you to write about it.

We need contributors that would like to share their experiences about every aspect of how you cope with burnout and what you do to improve your wellness.  Nutrition experts, exercise buffs, nature enthusiasts, let this be your venue for sharing with the online physician community.   Sign up today and get blogging. Who knows, maybe you will become so popular you can quit your day job and solve your burnout problems once and for all.